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For Beginners or Investors Who Want Reliable-Proven Ways To Get Real, Tangible Results With Minimum Effort

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Is Better Than Others That Cost $2K+

To See Why This Program

What's The Value You Are Getting Today
When You Book A
Discovery Call With Me


You Get To Talk To An Entrepreneur and Professional Investor

In the 30 minutes "Discovery Call", we are going to explore SEVERAL OPTIONS to build wealth and create extra recurring income. I am going to MAP THIS OUT, how this can WORK SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU. Together we are going to analyze YOUR CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES and look at your goals, desires, fears. My mission is to understand the investing path that BEST SUITS YOUR OWN PERSONALITY AND MINDSET.


You Get The Chance To Work With Me 1-To-1 For a Full Year

What I am offering is a PERSONALIZED 1-2-1 JOURNEY into entrepreneurship and investing. You can decide if you want to work with me towards getting REAL, TANGIBLE RESULTS WITH MINIMUM EFFORT or you can just take the insights from the call and invest for yourself. The program comes with UNLIMITED 1-YEAR SUPPORT because I can guarantee that my goal is to GIVE YOU AS MUCH VALUE AS POSSIBLE.

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Video Course Options Trading

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Best-Selling Options Program

I am giving away my STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO COURSE for beginners "How To Become An Options Trader" at a bargain price. YOU GET 25 step-by-step training modules, over 5 hours of easy-to-follow trading education and instructions. The videos are packed with PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE and REAL EXAMPLES to get you profitable trading options. Learn at your own pace and trade the ADVANCED STRATEGIES presented from day one. This video program alone is designed to GIVE YOU ALL THE TOOLS AND SKILLS you need to trade options successfully.


This is a personalized 1-2-1 journey that is suited for:

Total beginners who are eager to start investing and build wealth for the future, but feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start. 

Those who have tried investing before and failed and are looking for guidance and new investing ideas.

Investors and entrepreneurs who have proven themselves successful in their area of expertise and are looking for an exciting journey to discover new ways to create wealth.

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From Zero To OPTIONS

I decided to call my coaching program "FROM ZERO TO OPTIONS" for a specific reason. As investor and entrepreneur, I believe in multiple streams of income. I started my success story with trading and specifically options trading, but over the years I have diversified my portfolio and invested in several directions. As a matter of fact, today I CAN HELP YOU IN SEVERAL AREAS.

To apply for the program, I'LL NEED TO TALK TO YOU FIRST - you can book a "Discovery Call" with me on this page - to understand how I can serve you better. I am going to analyze your current circumstances, background and financial priorities. The goal is to ASSESS WHICH PATH AND INVESTING APPROACH best resonate with your own personality and mindset. In other words, I am going to give you several investing options - hence the name of the program "From Zero To Options" - and tailor the coaching program to your needs to PROVIDE THE BEST POSSIBLE VALUE.


A one-2-one coaching program structured around seven financial pillars: 


Risk Assessment - Deep dive into your circumstances and life priorities. Assess your risk tolerance and short-term and long-term goals to identify the best investing path for you.


Money Management - Exploring the power of money and help you manage your finances more efficiently.


Wealth Building - How to invest in stocks, ETFs, properties to build long-term wealth and a regular passive income.


Options Trading - Discover the infinite possibilities and flexibility of options trading as a tool to control risk and leverage your money fast.


Crypto Space - Get advantage of the volatility of the crypto assets and earn up to a passive 0,5% daily interest with Decentralized Finance (DeFi).  


Portfolio Building - Create a diversified and balanced portfolio tailored to your circumstances. This is based on your goals and might include: stocks, ETFs, properties, options trading, crypto assets, DeFi protocols.  


Tax Optimization - Treat your investments as a business and explore a few tricks to minimize the amount of tax you pay.

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Tailored To Your Needs

The first two pillars are the foundation of the coaching program and mandatory for all my students. In the Discovery Call I will briefly be covering these, but in the first coaching session I will be going much deeper to assess your personal circumstances and give you a sneak peek into the different financial pillars.

"The purpose of the first coaching session is to outline a practical plan of action that is tailored specifically to you"

From coaching number two is where all the fun begins. We will be getting specific - and practical - diving into those financial pillars which are best suited to you and your risk tolerance. I am going to give you precise instructions on what to do. We will do this one pillar at a time to avoid content overload. The last thing I want is for your to get stuck and overwhelmed.


How To Measure Options Risk

Improve your finances by helping you achieve tangible results in a reasonable amount of time and with the minimum amount of effort.

of the Program

How To Measure Options Risk

Make you fall in love with the entire process by learning key skills that can be used for years to come and passed on to your loved ones.

Why A Discovery Call With Me Can Make All The Difference In Your Financial Journey

Get Real, Tangible Results

Together we are going to be laser focused on your FINANCIAL GOALS, looking at the numbers and putting the guess work out of the equation. No math or anything complicated, but just what you need to LEARN NEW STRATEGIES and BUILD WEALTH for years to come.

Practical Implementation

My goal is to GIVE YOU CLARITY in your financial journey and help you every step of the way with the PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION of the different investing strategies. 

I won't leave you on your own! - 

I am going to HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE and make sure you do the work.

A Training Tailored to You 

In this PERSONALIZED ONE-2-ONE JOURNEY my mission is to give as much value as possible. This program is built as a PARTENERSHIP.. I'll treat it as if you and I are business partners with the goal to use my FINANCIAL EXPERTISE to help you achieve the results you seek and deserve.

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