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One-To-One Trading Coaching Sessions Tailored To Your Needs

Let me show you how to get profitable with options trading

Personalized Options Trading Coaching Step-by-Step

Fellow trader, we all know that trading is one of the most rewarding businesses in the world, but can be risky. On occasions, markets get extremely volatile and unpredictable. Options traders need to make quick decisions to adjust their positions and get advantage of any scenario.

My 1-2-1 trading coaching sessions are for those who are fully committed and eager to reach the next level and become master traders. These are addressed to stock options traders who need one-to-one help and support on how to manage and adjust their open positions, especially on high volatile markets.

I would strongly recommend to begin your journey from my video course "How To Become an Options Trader". You will find out about our unique trading methodology and get started trading advanced options strategies. Then feel free to get in touch with me and we will explore the unlimited possibilities of options trading. Together we will analyze charts and numbers on your trades to help you get the most out of your positions.

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Options Trading Video Course

My ultimate video program is focused on sharing with you practical knowledge about stocks and options trading explained simply and step-by-step. This is done through a visual analysis (stock charts, risk graphs, volatility charts) and a numerical analysis (options Greeks) of the trades we have performed at Options Master Trader.

Now you get a 100% change of paradigm from what I have been offering so far. In fact, the main idea behind my 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions is for you to share with me your options trades and discuss together about different possible scenarios.

As the financial markets fluctuate, options traders must analyze their portfolio and perform adjustments when needed. Trading is an ongoing process and on occasions traders may have queries or just require some kind of support on their positions.

My personalized trading mentoring sessions are the perfect tool for you to get in touch with me and have a discussion trader to trader. Together we are going to study market trends, analyze your strategies and explore different possible scenarios according to your trading goals.

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My goal as your options trading mentor

Each coaching session is booked for one hour and you get the chance to ask me for advice and suggestions on how to manage the risk on your trades. Together we are going to perform a what if analysis and assess how adjustments can improve the trade risk/reward ratio and transform losers into winners.

Options Strategies - One-to-One Trading Coaching

My goal as your mentor is to make sure you fully learn how to trade options and develop a thorough understanding of how the price of an underlying security can impact on your trades.

By a visual and numerical analysis, we are going to come up with different scenarios to support your decision making process. The goal here is for you to make up your own mind and decide the best course of action to limit the risk and enhance your profits.



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*As you complete the online booking process by selecting a convenient date and time for your coaching, my team will send you a confirmation email with your unique link to Zoom. Our video call is going to last 60-minutes per session. If you would like to book several coaching sessions, please get in touch on our chat or write to


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How To Measure Options Risk

25 step-by-step trading modules

How To Measure Options Risk

Over 5 hours of easy-to-follow
trading education

How To Measure Options Risk

Get all the tools and knowledge you need to become profitable from day one 

How To Measure Options Risk

Learn at your own pace and watch
the videos over and over again
from anywhere you are in the world

to the "Watch My Trades" video series

If you want to improve your trading skills, become aware of all the risks, and start trading as a business, you can have now a sneak peek into my unique trading methodology.

This is a MUST watch series and it's FREE

Note that the Options Master Trader 1-2-1 trading coaching sessions are for educational purposes only. These are not intended as an incentive to trading. You take total responsibility for all the trades performed. All profits and losses generated through your trading account are solely yours. My work is just intended to support you learn stock options and provide advice in reading charts, risk graphs and analyzing options Greeks. Options Master Trader will never ask you to make any trades on stocks, options or any other financial instrument.

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